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Biggest Leather Bag & Leather Journal Manufacturer in India:

Leather Journal Wholesaler India has been considered today as one of the biggest handmade leather bags & leather Journals Manufacturer & online exporter of Vintage leather bags & Handmade Leather Journals, provider spreading its genuine leather products all around the world due to its good quality and the origin where it is being made. We located at the place known as "The city of Lakes and Maharajas" Udaipur Rajasthan, One of the favourite place in India right from the beginning of the time. Due to Keen interest in nature we use hundred percent handmade acid free Paper, handmade, archival Quality, linen - cotton parchment paper. Our leather products are also becomes one of your favourite if you have a look on it and its quality. We always make efforts to provide our customer a level of service as per choices.


Making of Leather Bags & Leather Journals :

The first step in making a leather product is to find a picture of a product you like, or draw a picture of something you want. You then need to decide what methods you will use in it's construction. There are different methods for constructing leather handbags & Leather Journals the same as there are for houses. There is the log house, the A frame, the frame house. They can have different windows, foundations, dormers etc. The same is true of leather product construction.

After you know the different types of leather product construction you can combine methods to get the result you want. It is important that you think about the construction step by step so that you can do the necessary operation while you have access to the part. You can't sew a pocket or design into the lining after the leather product is complete. You have to do the operation when it will fit into the sewing machine.

When someone asks me to make them a custom leather handbag & Leather journal I decide on the construction method from experience. If they want additional features I may have to modify the method or change to another method. For instance, there are a lot of ways to make the bottom of a leather handbag. Will the seams be on the center of the ends or on the corners. If the seams are on the corners, an end pouch can be sewn onto the end before the leather bag is assembled. If the seam is on the center of the end as on the women leather handbag we are about to make, the pouch would have to be sewn on after assembly when that seam has been sewn. This is more difficult. The more difficult you make the bag to assemble the more likely you are to sew something crooked, wrong or through another part of the bag. When doing jacket repairs it's what I call. "sewing your elbow to your knee".