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Types of Leather:

No other fabric can compare with the unique textures, rich colours, strength, or smell of real leather. It's in a category all its own with different sizes, weights, types, and prices. The joy of working with real leather is all in the longevity of the finished projects, garments, and accessories that last well beyond the years of any other fabric or fibre.



Firm, rich-colored leather with just enough oils to withstand weather. Great feeling leather can be oiled for darker hues.

Vegetable Tanned.

Great for: Leahter Bags, Leather Journals, Belts, straps, fine pet collars, leashes, gun belts.


Chrome Oil Tanned:

Beautiful, durable leather has just the right amount of oil for a soft, supple feel.

General Leather Care Tips:

  • Do not use any household cleaning products on your leather Only use quality products designed for this purpose.
  • Test all products (even those for leather) in a hard to see area before applying generally.
  • Keep leather out of direct sunlight. Failure to do this will result in significant fading over time.
  • Spills can be soaked up with a sponge or paper towel. Do not scrub spills but clean in a light circular motion.
  • Most leathers (except full aniline) can be routinely cleaned with water and a lightly damp cotton cloth or sponge. Products are available where deeper cleaning is necessary.
  • Rotate cushions and use of your leather so the surface wears evenly.
  • Clean and protect your leather at least 2 times a year with a quality leather care product.
  • A minor scratch on leather can often be easily fixed (see YouTube) but for serious damage call a professional. Fibre new is one national outfit that does repair on leather. For ink stains we encourage you to carefully review ink removal products on Amazon and select the best for your needs.