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Leather Journals

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Leather journals make up the best items for gifts and are also the best souvenirs to acquire. Engulfed in a sophisticated look, they are good promotional items as well and are often preferred to be the personal purchases as travelogues and accessories for recording thoughts and sketches.

Shaista Handicraft is the renowned global leather journal wholesaler presenting distinctive and eternal collection of classy leather journals, sketch books, files and folders made out of genuine goat leather. We are one of the largest leather journals manufacturers and suppliers in India supplying 100% genuine, handmade leather journals across the globe. Our journals are admired for their affluent designs, rich leather and paper quality, durability as well as affordability. We use only the eco-friendly paper handmade by our skillful artisans out of cotton waste of textile mills, waste biomass like grass, jute, husk, waste wool, broken leaves and flower petals etc.  So, at Shahista we are giving to you the ecological leather journals to match your taste and needs.

Fascinating Range of Leather Journals to Explore


Styled with ancient stones, designs and accessories, our antique style leather journal diary collection is for those who like possessing things of historical value. We also offer a great range of embossed journals imprinted with classic symbols, logos and trademarks. An embossed leather diary offers a sophisticated look with precious stones and elegant designs imprinted on them and hence, is a truly desirable item that makes up for the best travel planner, sketchbook, notebook or a diary for recording thoughts.

We are one of the eminent book of shadows exporters and suppliers in India bringing to you the rare, unique and classical leather journals embossed with natural looking, celtic designs inspired from the first book of shadows created by Wiccan Gerald Gardner in late 1940s.

We bring to you the timeless collection of celtic leather diary and journals. These are the most beautiful handmade journals having the age-old celtic art, design and symbols embossed on them. The celtic symbols and signs like Tree of Life, Celtic Cross, trinity, triskelion and many more were considered to be the sources of incredible power for the ancient celts, while in the modern age, these have become the sources of art and inspirational designs often used in jewellery, tattoos, and various other forms. We have used this classy celtic art on our journals to give them a rich, unique and an elegant look. So, why not own one of this rarest celtic art embossed diary to add up to your vintage book collection?

Leather is perfectly durable and makes up a good material for files and folders. You can order from us tough, professional laptop folders made from 100% genuine buffalo leather at affordable price.

So, whatever be your need whether an embossed leather diary, a celtic leather journal, leather sketchbook or notebooks, get them all from the most reliable leather journals exporters India, Shaista Handicraft.